Single Sided Swingarm Conversion for SV650

This is not a “how to” do a VFR Single Sided Swing Arm ( SSSA ) conversion onto the sv650. Just basic facts that will send you in the right direction.

VFR swing arm on SV650

More coming.

Pivot width of swing arms
1st gen frame – 240mm
1st gen swingarm – 235mm

2nd gen frame – 247mm
2nd gen swingarm – 240mm

90-93 VFR750 swingarm – 242mm (SSSA) – Offset shock to Left
94-97 VFR750 swingarm – 227mm (SSSA)
Hawk GT650 swingarm – 235mm (SSSA)
RC30 swingarm – 235mm (SSSA)


Below are some photos that show how different folks have done the conversion, non are the same.
SSSA swap on sv650s

sv650 sssa conversion VFR750
VFR 750 SSSA swap on sv650

vfr 750 swing arm on sv 650s

Believe the SV below used a RVF400 sssa
RVF single sided swing arm on sv650

Exhaust made to go around the swingarm instead of through it. This is easier then machining the swingarm.
sv650 custom exhaust for vfr swingarm
Honda swingarm on SV 650s

Some major modification done here. Stock Linkage mount welded to the VFR swing arm, most of the VFR swing arm has been machined out to fit the exhaust and shock.
vfr swinger on suzuki SV
interceptor SSSA on sv650s
tlr709 SSSA conversion
More coming.

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